Impact Indices

Weather impacts are rated on a scale of 1-10 going out to 120 hours, with data points on a 3 km by 3 km grid. Data is updated 4 times per day (midnight, 6:00am, noon, and 6:00pm). All index scales are supplemented with “blurbs”, explaining in plain English what each value from 1-10 means.

Basic Features

Access to the next 120 hours of Impact Indices, assigned to every zip code (or 3km grid) in continental US, available in hourly or daily intervals including:

  • Business/Service Disruption
  • Road Conditions
  • Power Outage Threat
  • Flooding Threat
  • Threat to Life and Property
  • Outdoor Working Conditions


Client inputs a start point, end point, and departure time; then our Road Conditions Index is analyzed along the 3 most viable routes to determine the severity of driving conditions along each route. This allows us to suggest alternative routes during severe weather conditions.

Basic Features

Next 120 hours of impact indices are compared against client’s routes. A disruption “limit” is set, above which will be considered a disruptive “breach”. The following is reported for each route:

  • ZIP, duration, and starting time of each breach
  • Total ZIPs with breaches during travel period
  • Average breach duration
  • Max disruption (ZIP and time)


We maintain and update a historical weather database which begins on January 1, 2014 and continues to the present day.

Basic Features

We have two different datasets, one containing daily weather information, and one containing hourly information. Both datasets contain standard weather parameters such as temperature and precipitation as well as all of our Impact Indices.

Insight Portal (Coming Soon)

An online interface containing localized forecasts, storm impact predictions, severe weather alerts/mapping, long range forecasts, interactive radars, and more.

Basic Features

  • View animated weather impact maps with custom overlays
  • View time series charts of Impact IndicesDownload custom CSV data reports
  • Filter through and view map of National Weather Service alerts
  • View live radars and storm cells
  • Save locations for quick analysis
  • View local standard weather forecasts